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VF series products are potato, French fries, potato chips, potato piece) and fruit and vegetable chips, including apple, peach, carrot, mushroom, purple potato, sweet potato (sweet potato), green beans, pumpkin, taro, pepper, winter date, etc., product diversification, diversification of taste; Welcome to more demand. Email:

  • 品名:: Apple Crisp pieces
  • 品牌:: CUI CUI LE
  • 保质期:: 9 months
  • 规格:: 7-500g
  • 包装:: Barrels, bags, and cans

Kaida Hengye

Kaida Hengye

Kaida Hengye

Kaida Hengye

Kaida Hengye

Kaida Hengye

Kaida Hengye

Kaida Hengye

VF products include potato (chips, crisps, potato chips) and fruit and vegetable chips:

Including (apples, peaches, carrots, mushrooms, purple potatoes, sweet potatoes (ground melon)

(green bean, pumpkin, taro, bell pepper, winter date, etc.)

Product diversity and variety of flavors;

Welcome to more demand.

Contact information (mobile: +86-16619841055   Email:

VF processing technology advantage: VF technology of low temperature oil bath, according to the variety of fruits and vegetables is not in, will strictly control the oil temperature between 90-115 degrees, can effectively avoid all kinds of harmful substances produced by high temperature frying, less nutrients.

The color and shape of the fruits and vegetables are preserved to a maximum extent after a vacuum dewatering.

The VF fruit and vegetable chips are healthy and low in oil, crispy and delicious, the flavor alone.

Based on this, the company's own brand "crunchy music" won the gold medal of the 12th international agricultural fair.

Processing production advantage: the factory of the world's leading automation equipment imported from Germany, the United States, at present, the factory has four complete product processing production line, raw materials, 50 tons.

Packing workshop equipped with the highest degree in domestic same industry modernization, diversification of full automatic packaging units, can produce 7 grams - 500 grams, self-supporting bag, back closure coil, cup type, tank and so on a variety of sizes and 2-12 kg big packing of finished products.

Processing the whole process of no added artificial colors, preservatives, such as additive, low-calorie high-fiber products, according to the reasonable proportion collocation, let you enjoy snacks at the same time grasp the health score.

Quality guarantee: 5 s management in strict accordance with the specification, is Beijing rural work committee, the Beijing bureau of quality and technical supervision as agricultural standardization demonstrative production of qualified units.

Implement the standards of product enterprises that are well above the national standards in production, and file with the national bureau of technical supervision for the record.

In the past ten years, the countries that export Japan, Europe and the United States and other world food imports are the strictest, and have the relevant qualifications such as export filing and self-examination.