Kaida Hengye

Kaida Hengye Agricultural Technology Co.,Ltd was founded by Mr. Liu Chang’an.     After more than 20 years developing.Now the company has become one of the most large-scale, modern and professional  processing enterprises, and committed to produce fruit and vegetable crisps / and French fries processing   Kaida  cooperates with more than 200 well-known enterprises at home and abroad, 

Kaida Hengye

Inner Mongolia Potato Science and Technology Industry Demonstration ParkLocated in Wulanchabu City,

Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, it covers an area of 1200 acres .

With an investment of 3.15 billion RMB, the demonstration park started to construct in 2016.     It imported and researched and  the  advanced intelligent processing equipment in the world, and built the modern factory to process Fruit and Vegetable crisps, Soybean Solid products, French Fries and so on.

Kaida Hengye

Kaida Hengye

Company Advantages:

1. Vacuum low temperature frying technology

Adopting advanced vacuum low temperature frying technology, under the temperature of 90℃~115℃ and vacuum condition, with the vegetable oil as the medium, the fresh fruit and vegetable are quickly dehydrated, with the color, aroma, taste shape and nutrition locked, crispy and delicious.

2. Raw material

Kaida selects organic green agricultural products from our own national certified planting base.

Monitoring all indicators of each batch of raw materials, heavy metals, pesticide residues, safety indicators,etc. Ensure the quality of raw materials from the source.

3. The features of our products

  • Taste crispy or crunchy

  • Many kinds of flavor

  • Healthy, natural and rich of nutrition

  • Safe, suitable for all people even children and pregnant women

  • You can eat natural vegetable and fruits in any season of the whole year.

  • Gluten Free, No Preservatives, and No Coloring

  • Maintain original color and flavor of fresh vegetable and fruits

Company Certifications:

Kaida Hengye