Kaida company aiming at the key support in countries much starker choices-and graver consequences-in planning of potato processing industry and the demand of economic structural adjustment, combined with the existing technology and research and development advantages, kaida company to develop sales in Beijing, raw materials and processing base of "both ends, the middle and outer" layout mode, promote the strategy transformation of the capital city.Investment of 300 million yuan in Beijing built with domestic top international first-class equipment, modern management, modern production and modern research and development ability, production, tourism, sightseeing, experience, popular science, shopping in one of the modern agricultural products processing demonstration base.An investment of 800 million yuan in Inner Mongolia is set up as a smart potato processing base.The base covers an area of 200 mu and is divided into two phases: the first phase of the investment is 500 million, and in November 2016, it will be put into production and will be processed 60,000 tons of potatoes.The second stage investment is 300 million yuan, the end of 2018 is officially launched, and the annual processing potato is 100,000 tons.The total annual output of the potato is 160,000 tons, and the annual output value is 640m yuan, and the annual profit tax is 80 million yuan.

The completion of the project has led to the development of the industry through three aspects:

First, the industry will drive and promote employment.

The company adopts "company + bibcock enterprise + farmer" modern business model.

The company is able to provide 500 jobs for both.

The industry is driving the development of the local economy, so that the surplus labor force can provide the stage for the transformation of the two, three industries and the realization of employment.

The second is raw material acquisition, orders led.

After the project, annual processing capacity of 160000 tons, the company take "order agriculture" model construction of standardization of raw material planting base, guided with "six" management system drives the local farmers.

To sign a full year acquisition contract with the protection of prices, and to assist in seed planting and planting techniques.

We will increase the efficiency of local farmers.

Third, technology leads the industry.

Through technical innovation and industrialization of led demonstration effect, promote the industry to raise the level of industrialization and driving the mutual promotion of upstream and downstream industries, promote local economic steady development.