The convention on the integrity of the company

With the development of the company, strict internal management is imperative.

To avoid the loopholes in management rules, build honest, open and transparent working environment, and makes the integrity, decency, integrity, the work team, ensure the sustainable and healthy development of the research by the company, establish anti-corruption convention as follows:

First, the employee integrity agreement of kai da employees

All employees should be disciplined, conscientious, honest and rigorous.

It is forbidden to entertain guests.

If the objective conditions are not to be avoided, the reason of the banquet must be reported, the place, the participant, the fee, and within two days to the secretariat for the record.

It is forbidden to accept gifts from customers.

Regardless of the value of the gift, if the objective conditions cannot be avoided, the secretariat must be turned over and registered.

It is strictly forbidden to accept rebates.

It is strictly forbidden to embezzle, embezzle or steal money from the company.

If the above four fails to be carried out in accordance with the provisions, the offender shall be fined ten times as much as the offender, and the violator shall handle it in accordance with the law.

5, the loss of the company due to the negligence of the company, the loss of 10% to 100% of the personal responsibility (such as weighing, stealing, measuring, etc.).

To encourage whistleblowing, to reward and keep the informant confidential by the amount of 50% of the amount involved.


To standardize the procedures and principles of procurement and engineering of kaida company:

1, quality determine

All need to purchase equipment, raw materials, accessories, etc., must be filtered more than three suppliers, purchase goods by comparing to determine the quality standards, to write clearly in the contract the quality requirements, and constantly improve in communication with suppliers.

Target: the equipment is the most advanced, the performance is durable, the raw material is high quality, the price is reasonable.

Bids for more than three bids

All purchases and projects shall be subject to three or more bids or more than three bidders.

Quality, quantity acceptance and responsibility

Acceptance: the supervisory and audit office staff and the relevant responsible persons in the department.

Supplied goods after the arrival of the goods of suppliers, procurement staff, company supervision and audit office personnel and using departments in accordance with the contract quality standards for acceptance, quality qualification jointly sign after confirmed rear can receiving, acceptance and buyers take full responsibility for the quality of goods.

Establish purchasing archives, and the supervision and administration of clean government will be reviewed at any time

(1) procurement staff to build a detailed audit office and submitted to the company, the supplier file detailing supplier for the supply of goods, commodity prices, specifications, product performance parameters, warranty, etc., easy to use.

At the same time, the purchasing personnel must maintain the professional integrity, not to disclose the confidential information of trade secrets, not to bid ahead of time, and to keep the tender after the contract signing.

(2) the company audit office shall be responsible for auditing the contents of procurement and service contracts;

Supervise the purchasing department to implement the filing of the supplier file and check whether the material is in conformity with the actual usage.

All purchases and cooperation objects of special relationship, such as relatives and classmates must be reported to the secretariat for the record.


Three, the expectation of customer

Goal: mutual benefit and win-win cooperation.

Core supplier measures:

A, be honest, faithful to B and high quality

C, service high quality D, price mutual benefit

Two principles:


Cooperation shall implement the principle of "open and transparent, forbidden suppliers to bribe my company staff, implementation of privately run, once found, regardless of the price of supply, shall be disqualified from cooperation.

(2) default

Suppliers such as my company personnel on bribery, once found, kaida company has the right to unilaterally terminate the contract, deduct 20% of the price of the actual contract, at the same time already payment can punish by law, the contract will be included in the terms of the contract.

The kanda corporate integrity convention involves all personnel.

Koda employees must first tell them before they cooperate with customers.


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