Beijing Kaida Hengye Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd. founded in 2000; At present, the company fixed assets of 820 million, the GDP totaled 340 million yuan, plant area of 5.5 square meters, the main production and sales of VF fries, fruit and vegetable crisp, flat leaves/bean curd soup products; Is the collection production, study and research, kind of, processing, sales for the integration of agricultural high-tech enterprises, is the only a fruit and vegetable chips production company, Beijing fangshan district only bear the national "863" project of private enterprises, the foreign exchange earning enterprises fangshan district. Company has access to the national agricultural products processing industry demonstration enterprises, the national intellectual property pilot unit, the ministry of agriculture and the processing of agricultural products, national agricultural standardization demonstration zone, Beijing patent demonstration enterprises, Beijing high-tech enterprises, agricultural industrialization key leading enterprise of Beijing, zhongguancun new technology enterprises and so on many honors.

     Kaida with enterprising spirit of innovation, maintain in the industry leading technology advantage, and get a number of ministries and commissions of rank and level of Beijing honors: including science and technology progress prize of Chinese academy of sciences, ministry of science and technology spark advanced workers of science and technology, ministry of science and technology innovative talents of science and technology award, Beijing science and technology awards, Beijing golden bridge project of the first prize. The company has three main types of business: OEM manufacturing, overseas export and independent brand marketing. Kaida products are exported to the United States, Canada, Australia, dubai, Japan, South Korea, more than 20 countries and regions, is currently one of the largest enterprises export quantity of fangshan district. Cooperation DJ&A brand America Pepsi, costco, Australia, Thailand zhengda, 7-eleven in Japan, three squirrel, long group, zhejiang, Shanghai family, missing the little prince, etc. Through the way of combining with online, using the domestic and foreign agents, distributors and buying patterns, kaida continue to expand with its multiple independent brands, including crispy, potato fragrance, potato chips, pear ring, etc.

Kaida Hengye